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1: Be a human being only, nothing more and nothing less, and identify others in this way in all matters and relations.

2: Live peacefully with your neighbors and don’t pretend groups own things, especially land and culture, as they will be used by others and you can only lose a conflict over them. Allow others to choose or retain what culture they will, and to own things as individuals or with organizations. Land should be protected and publicly available to all, and its use by individuals and organizations decided by all people living within an area.

3: Be responsible for your acts only and hold others responsible for their acts only; do not blame, especially in matters involving groups. Blame is universal and not specific to particular groups.

4: Allow others what rights you would yourself in any circumstance you may find yourself in, and base what laws you acknowledge on rights, as restrictions must arise from their transgression rather than rights from restrictions. Everything one needs to live a peaceful and healthy existence is a right that is due to them.