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Symbol Transformation

Conjunction and Intermixing – taking two or more ideas and combining them together in the way that one becomes the other, or both become something else entirely, for example a text picture, also as recognizing or attaining the qualities of one's shadow or one's anima or animus

Juxtaposition – taking something in whole or part and placing it onto or within another, for example a human with a bird’s head

Animation of the Inanimate, also Ceration – taking an object and applying the qualities of a living thing to it or motion and time-based action to a three dimensional object, in ceration a solid object is transformed into a liquid or fluid, being wax-like

Making Inanimate or Freezing – a person may become a stone sculpture or the world stops rotating

Application of Qualities – the qualities of one thing are applied to another, such as an orange peel to a person’s skin, three dimensional space to a two dimensional object

Multiplication – proportionate increase

Multiplicity of Things Single – plot lines, parts of the anatomy of the body, arranging a line in music for two instruments

Singleness of Things Multiple – one leg or one eye, only one leaf is left on a tree, two lines in music become one

Incompleteness – a face with no mouth, a room with a missing wall

Completeness of Things Incomplete – finishing of an unfinished work, a building or ship may be completed, especially in relation to restoration

Simultaneousness – one thing is also the other, such as a double agent, or an object with a given purpose is used for something else

Separation and Division – making parts distinguishable or apart from one another

Distillation and Cohobation – extracting desired materials through a process that eliminates those undesired – perhaps by reaching a boiling point, so to speak; in cohobation, the materials are mixed back in with those extracted and the process repeated

Digestion – the materials or symbols are gradually affected by others, perhaps heat or light, over a longer period, such that they have been understood by one another or are able to work with one another

Congelation or Coagulation, Massing Together – several things are mixed together at once to make them indistinguishable; objects or ideas accumulate to a point of thickness to which they may not progress further or prevent development, as in beginning the process of wound healing

Fragmentation, also Calcination – taking elements of a motif and scattering them or dividing them up; in calcination a solid element is transformed into a powder

Addition – adding to the object, such as a sixth finger, or another branch of a tree

Removal and Subtraction – removal or lessening of a symbolic element

Abnormality – of size or shape

Mutation – change by any type of developmental device or effect

Metamorphosis – a complete transition into another state of being

Sublimation – a rapid shift from one thing to another without an intermediate state

Modulation – a gradual shift from characteristic or quality one to another

Fermentation and Putrefaction – the breaking down and changing of a symbol into something else through an additional symbol as a catalyst

Mirroring as Inversion – turning upside-down

Mirroring as Reversal or Retrograde – switching to backwards to forwards in position

Turning Inside Out - a thing becomes its opposite or counterpart; a person becomes their shadow, what is transparent becomes opaque, what is empty becomes material and vice versa

Repetition – an exact multiple or restatement

Transposition – a restatement but with an uniformly quantifiable shift in position or time

Variation – alteration of materials being represented from another view, light, or angle

Expanding, Lengthening, Making larger

Shrinking, Shortening, Making smaller

Appending - adding material to the end

Cutting or cropping - material from the beginning or end

Filtration – allowing only certain materials to pass through

Dissolution – a symbol is absorbed into another leaving no semblance of its previous existence, especially in resolution, can be used in a denouement or final revelation

Automation – allowing the mind to perform without conscious effort, using mechanical means to perform actions without a human's control

Improvisation – spontaneous creation of the work or ideas

Invisibility or Inaudibility – objects or sounds cannot be perceived, or those invisible or inaudible become illuminated or can be heard

Impossibility – the laws of physics or those of space and time do not apply to an object or person, such as there being no gravity, or one can withstand great heat or be frozen, one thing existing in multiple locations at the same time, two things existing in one place at the same time, as a ghost moving through an object

Chaos, as Prima Materia– complete disorder with no intelligibility whatsoever, as prima materia it exists throughout the universe as the aether

Order and Fixation – absolute control over the outcome; transformation of a volatile symbol into one that is stable

Projection – a final stage in alchemy, sometimes using the Prima Materia to transform the other symbols, perhaps by means of using light, into the Philosopher’s Stone or the desired solution