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From The Alphabet of Light Press:

Towards a More Complete Understanding is a collection of philosophical essays by Rendina. It is not a book about any particular subject, but rather how they are interrelated to form a more complete picture. Each essay covers a different subject area as part of a forward looking and holistic worldview. It ultimately stresses not to be concerned with structures themselves, but with the fluidity of their infinite manifestations in the world and life itself. The author uses it as a sourcebook for his projects.

Towards a More Complete Understanding

Cosmologies is an expanded version of an earlier essay by Rendina further developing his ideas about the nature of our universe. It includes new illustrations of his conceptions of light, gravity, and matter as they relate to one another. In his model of the universe, space is made of energy, and time is conceptualized as the energy contained in the speed of light within light and other particles, both taking place over an empty background of dimensions with no physical properties through which physical events may play out and being comprised of energy nodes.


On the Elements of Music is a comprehensive advanced music theory book covering the seven elements of music - melody, harmony, rhythm, form, texture, timbre, and dynamics. The book provides a foundation for a new method, combining Western harmony with the Indian raga system to yield a system of 88 scales - the number of keys on a piano and constellations.

On the Elements of Music

On Spheres is a collection of research and writings by Marshall Rendina including Constellations, Ragas, and the Piano; The Tonnetz: Harmony and the Three Dimensional Localization of Sound; Quantum Gravity; A Spherical Color Map: Globes, Crystal Balls, and the Retina; On the Distribution of Solar Energy.

On Spheres

The Rooms is an interdisciplinary work containing dialogue and notes for movement, visual aspects, and music. Each room is an individual performance or installation that can be openly realized in a variety of ways, having been influenced by the symbolism of the house dream and Carl Jung's writings regarding archetypes and dreams. Scenes and characters are based on archetypes from Constellations, The Tarot, Kabbalah, The I Ching, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the correspondences between them. The scenes are organized by using the archetypes as keys to provide an overall structure for which characters appear in different scenes or rooms, their meanings and purpose, and a progression towards the realizations they must come to.

The Rooms

Codex and Mysterium is a collection of hand drawn diagrams and designs, the diagrams drawing from various forms of mysticism and applied across a number of subjects, and the designs using primarily circles and spheres alone in ecological solutions to transportation and architecture, and in new means of displaying information and playing sound.

Codex and Mysterium

Other Ways of Being is a collection of 100 poems each describing a different state of being as they relate to our common experiences, and as we often experience more than one state of being at the same time. It is an ontological treatment of various topics related to the perception and understanding of surface knowledge versus those of inner sight and the mystical as a basis for morality and ethics, having resulted from the states of being.

Other Ways of Being

Minor Arcana contains the words for many songs written by Rendina throughout his 20s and can be thought of as a counterpart to his Major Arcana tarot card instrumentals and non-vocal music.

Minor Arcana

Other Ways of Listening is a collection of musical scores by Marshall Rendina and surveys many styles of music and aesthetics from his beginnings to his late 20s.

Other Ways of Listening

Chromatic Saturnalia is a collection of drawings and paintings from the artist's 20s.

Chromatic Saturnalia

Transparent Recitals is a collection of photographs from 2001 to 2016.

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