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To be booked with others as The Dream Sanctuary

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CDs are manufactured on demand.

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From Alphabet of Sound

As The Dream Sanctuary

Music for the Sake of Making Music Digital
Music for the Sake of Making Music Digital
Music From Fountain Digital
Music From Fountain II Digital

As Marshall Rendina

Aether Songs (2016) CD Digital
Life Cycle (2013) Digital
Myth and Ritual (2013) CD Digital
Octet (2013) CD Digital
Heroes and Ghosts (2012-2013) CD Digital
Soul Resonance (2012-2013) Digital
Other Ways of Seeing (2012-2013) Digital
Major Arcana (2012) Digital
The New Modernism (2011-2013) CD Digital
Four Experimental Works (2003-2013) CD Digital II Cover sm.jpg Part I Cover sm.jpg II sm.jpg the Sake Of Cover sm_v2.jpg Songs.jpg Cycle.jpg and Ritual.jpg and Ghosts.jpg Resonance.jpg Ways of Seeing.jpg Arcana.jpg Modernism.jpg Experimental Works.jpg