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Meditations, 2015
Colored Pencil

A Guided Meditation:

Sit up straight with hands on knees or lie flat on your back with arms beside.

Focus on a point between the eyes with eyes closed.

Imagine arcs or circles of energy or love expanding outward from the heart.

Imagine the earth as a sphere below you, the arcs reaching the edge of the visible horizons, encircling the earth and coming back to your heart.

With the earth beneath you, entertain the idea that your physical body and those physical forces acting upon it are no longer needed.

Imagine points of light in many colors if you cannot already see them beginning to form a ring from the outside inward.

Imagine concentric rings beginning to tunnel forward from the outside inward, eventually reaching a point.

Focusing on this center point, allow for the rings and center point to soften into blankets of colorful light that dance within the outer ring of points of light.

Allow for the ring of colorful points of light to disperse throughout the field of vision and blankets to dissipate.

The points of light may be contained within a square, and in the center of the square a circular void may appear.

The cycle may repeat again as a ring of points of light begins to form around the void.