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These compositions revisit some of the ideas that are important to me.

The revision of Moon Phases has an additional optional phase as would be seen from the earth - the cycle of phases take longer than it takes the moon to orbit the earth as the earth has moved in position relative to the sun. Moon Phases explores counterpoint in a canon that repeats indefinitely, utilizing retrogrades and inversions for different phases of the moon, and a surprise hocket at the end, as though landing on the moon. I have envisioned future works with multiple "geodesics" that converge and diverge from polyphonic parts near the equator to monophonic parts at the poles transitioning from multiple lines giving the impression of one or one line giving the impression of multiple lines.

Music of the Spheres contains a full spherical mapping of the tone network used in my piece "Surprise Indonesia", and can be realized virtually or physically in a geodesic dome. I had originally envisioned a dome based on the geometry of an icosahedron or a dodecahedron, though this more simple model is the easiest solution to realize spherically and is divided into eight sections being based on the geometry of an octahedron.

The spherical display of colors effectively and evenly maps Red, Green, and Blue light to a sphere and it arises from the octahedron as well. The octahedron model is the simplest and most efficient way to distribute colors I have discovered, though more complex ones may work with less efficiency.

Spectral Music does not contain any of the audio from the original work but explains how to use a sphere to display various aspects of the timbre of a sound and create a composition in this manner using any waveforms or sounds.

Alchemy Cards is a conceptual piece for realizing works and includes written instructions for the performance or modification of a work and builds from my first text score, Pick a Color. sm.jpg sm.jpg sm.jpg sm.jpg sm.jpg sm.jpg