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Principal Art Works
Please contact me for a complete list with exhibition dates.

Graphite and Colored Pencil Drawings
Various Portraits
Body and Color
Flora and Fauna
Alchemy Processes
Color Music
Three Color Drawings on Boards

Pen and Ink Drawings
Various Geometric and Color Studies
Myth and Ritual
Perceptual Illusions
Open Sesame I & II
Plans for the Palace

Primal Colors
Alchemy Processes II
Planetary Visions

Collage and Mixed Media
For the Sake Of
Color Forms
The Five Positions

Postcards for Mail Art
Three Small Canvases
Hours of the Day
Eight Large Paintings
On Closer Inspection The Truth is Revealed (Wall Painting)


Architectural/Installation Concepts
Mini Sculpture Park, Hypercubes Studies, Sephirot Temple, Dome Concepts for Light and Sound

Interactive/Media Concepts
Color-Tones, Early Interactive Spaces and Intermedia Projects (Media Games), Four Worlds Media Space, Concepts for App Spaces and Interactive Apps; Input Sources, Multi-Location, Multi-User

2D Digital Art
WWWI, WWWII, Tree Puzzle, Square Unit Studies, Color Adjustment Studies

For Live Performance, Fountain, Depth Illusions, Ziggy

Three Scenes, Silverlake Cubomania, Fountain, Early B&W Film Survives (Teenage Years)

Visual Music
Visual Music Workshop, Color Harmony, Two Instruments

Text Art
A, Manifesto, Unwritten Constitution, The Art of Everything

Body Art and Choreography
Hand Mudras, Hand Masks, The Fool

Sculptures and Objects
Divinations, Serpent

Cards and Games
ESP Cards, Alchemy Cards, Meditation Cards