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100 Works of Art from the Archive

Rudolph Laban - Kinesphere
Oskar Fischinger - An Optical Poem
Xanti Schawinski – Circus
Oskar Schlemmer – Diagram for Gesture Dance
Herbert Bayer – Lonely Metropolis
Utagawa Toyokuni – Woman Under Maple and Ginkgo Leaves
Andy Warhol – Merce Cunningham
William Morris – Eyebright Tapestry
Unknown – Bucnhes of Grapes
Auguste Rodin – Dancer

Jenny Holzer – I Want to Make Art
Roland Penrose – Captain Cook’s Last Voyage
Personal Values – Rene Magritte
Paul Citroen – Metropolis
Unknown – Tantric Paintings from Rajasthan
Henryk Waniek – The World is a Mystery
Maple Leaves – Shibata Zeshin
Shoji Ueda – Theatre of the Dunes
Corita Kent – Circus Alphabet
The Fool – Love Life

John William Waterhouse – Circe Individiosa
Wenzel Jamnitzer – Perspectiva Corporum Regularium
Ernst Chladni – Figures of Vibrating Plates
Sigmar Polke – Alice in Wonderland
Philipp Otto Runge – The Morning
Athanasius Kircher – The Magic Lantern
Robert Fludd – Tetraktys
Frater Achad – Tree of Life Growing Out of Malkuth
Cristoforo de Predis – The Planets
Buckminster Fuller – The Fuller Projection Map

Yayoi Kusama – Black Butterflies
Hildegard von Bingen – The Structure of the Firmament
Georgia O’Keeffe – Sunset Long Island
Betye Saar – Nine Mojo Secrets
Stanton MacDonald Wright – California Landscape
Mark Grotjahn – Butterfly Paintings
Wallace Berman – Untitled (1964)
John Whitney – Stills from a Computer Animation
Vija Celmins – Strata
Tree of Life in Four Worlds – Harry Smith

Nathalie Jeanne Wintsch – Unknown (Wing with Music Notes)
Brice Marden – 3 Hydra Rocks
Xu Bing – Landscript
Donald Sultan – Horse Chestnut
Kiki Smith – Starry Starry Night
Damien Ortega – Cosmic Thing
Chris Ofili – Pramnian Odyssey
Richard Long – Nomad Circle
Ai Weiwei – Bicycle Installations
Tony Cragg – Dice Sculptures

Mark Dion – Scala Naturae
Olafur Eliasson – Umschreibung (Rewriting)
Glenn Brown – The Death of the Virgin
Gerhard Richter – Tiger
Andrey Avinoff – The Fall of Atlantis
John James Audubon – Birds of America
Unknown – Kundalini Yantra
Zook Family – Lone Star
Karl Blossfeldt – Botanical Photographs
Goethe – Chromatics

Wilson Bentley – Snow Flakes
Bridget Riley – Gala
Frank Stella – New Madrid
Carl Andre – Conquest Display
Sol Lewitt – Wall Drawing #289
Remedios Varo - Trasitoen Espiral
Marcel Duchamp – Rotorelief (Disques Optiques)
Man Ray – Space Writing
Joan Miro – Cloud and Birds
Joseph Albers – Homage to the Square

Giovani di Paolo – Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Saving a Shipwreck
Robert Rauschenberg - Riding Bikes
Bernard Xolotl – Music of the Spheres
Eva Hesse – Untitled (1966)
Unknown - Illustration from a Tacuinum Sanitatis
Unknown - Afghan Rug
Three Flags – Jasper Johns
Agnes Martin – Untitled (Triangle with Lines)
Emma Kunz – Unknown (Drawing with Radial Lines)
Nicole Claveloux – Romeo and Juliet

Louise Bourgeois – The Stars
Hilma Af Klint – Unknown (Painting with Pyramid)
Joseph Stella – Tree of My Life
Morgan Russell - Synchronist Still Life
Philip Taaffe – Big Iris
Andy Goldsworthy – Colored Leaves
Vincent Van Gogh – Branches of an Almond Tree
Atilla Sassy - Opium Dreams
Wassily Kandinsky – Moonrise
Odilon Redon – Evocation de Papillons

William Blake - Jacob’s Dream
Pablo Picasso – Child with Dove
Henri Rousseau – The Equitorial Jungle
Verner Panton – Mira-Spectrum
Paul Signac – Untitled (Magician)
Alphonse Mucha – Zodiac
Ed Ruscha – Not a Bad World, Is It?
Unknown - Flammirion Engraving
Victor Vasarely – Confetti
Hieronymous Bosch – The Garden of Earthly Delights