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From The Alphabet of Light Press:

Other Ways of Being is a collection of 100 poems each describing a different state of being as they relate to our common experiences, and as we often experience more than one at the same time. It is an ontological treatment of various topics related to the perception and understanding of surface knowledge versus those of inner sight and the mystical.

Other Ways of Being

Minor Arcana contains the words for many songs written by Rendina throughout his 20s. His songwriting is kaleidoscopic with every song in a different style, and touch on subjects not typical of popular music, including astral projection, auras, extra-sensory perception, near death experiences, perceptual illusions, archetypes and symbols, shadows and light, and make use of his sophisticated sense of harmony and tonal color.

Minor Arcana

Other Ways of Listening is a collection of largely handwritten musical scores by Rendina and covers many styles and aesthetics in music including graphical and text scores. The composer prefers to write everything by hand before recording, and printed scores, if even extant, are used only for pieces with multiple performers. Graphical and visual elements are of particular importance, and scores sometimes require written instructions, so standard musical notation does not do justice to most of his music.

Other Ways of Listening

Chromatic Saturnalia contains most of the artist’s two-dimensional visual art output and includes over 250 drawings and paintings. Rendina divides his two-dimensional output into three types: black and white pen and ink line drawings of geometric character, ethereal watercolors with shifting tones, and acrylic and oil paintings with symbolist and surrealist elements relating to alchemy and archetypes.

Chromatic Saturnalia

Intermission: Interinfluences and Interworlds contains the artist's three-dimensional and media art output. It contains notes on visual music, the relationship between language and visual art, language and music, as well as those on communicative and interactive forms of media.

Intermission: Interinfluences and Interworlds

Transparent Recitals is a collection of photographs from 2001 to 2019. It contains some of Rendina's earliest photographs from a trip to Italy, his beginnings in New York City and Ohio, travels across the western United States, his stint in the San Francisco Bay Area, and his arrival in Ojai and Los Angeles. He is mostly drawn to the beauty of the natural landscape, but a few photos of concerts and exhibitions are included, as well as those of social unrest.

Transparent Recitals

On the Elements of Music is a comprehensive music instruction book covering the seven elements of music - melody, harmony, rhythm, form, texture, timbre, and dynamics. The book provides a foundation for a new method, combining Western harmony with the Indian melakarta raga system to yield a system of 88 new “keys” - the number of keys on a piano and modern constellations. The book is ideal for the teacher as a complete curriculum or accompaniment to an existing curriculum, for the student wishing to deepen their understanding and fill the spaces in their knowledge, for the composer or songwriter looking to extend their palette of musical ideas, for the performer in need of an easy reference for practice, for the recording artist to quickly grasp the complications of recording, and for the musical healer looking to extend their wisdom in the effects of music on the body and mind.

On the Elements of Music

On Spheres is a collection writings by Rendina including Constellations, Ragas, and the Piano; Harmony and the Three Dimensional Localization of Sound; Quantum Gravity; Globes, Crystal Balls, and the Retina; On the Distribution of Solar Energy. These are foundational writings for the forthcoming era of holistic transcendental experiences, cosmic music based on the cycles of the sun, moon, and earth, and lay the groundwork for understanding the elusive energy in the ether.

On Spheres

Cosmologies is a two-part book about the universe. The first part is an introduction to Rendina’s ideas, and the second is a more detailed explanation of quantum gravity. In his theory, the present exists throughout the universe in a short segment of time rather than a point, with pairs of energy nodes exchanging to yield the simplest possible distribution of energy throughout three-dimensional space. The energy in the vacuum or ether exists in a superfluid state, allowing matter to pass through, allowing for Newton's laws to arise, while matter exists in a stable state, and light in an in-between state travelling linearly with additional nodes orbiting.

The gravitational field forms as a type of pressure around the object simply due to the fact that nodes cannot exchange through the object as they do in empty space, with this pressure reducing with distance as a two-dimensional surface. Ultimately a balance results between the ether and matter - the energy potential in a gravitational field around an object is equal to the energy within the object. The gravitational field does not completely penetrate the object, its symmetry disrupted resulting in interactions within the object that cause heat and light, while a vortex forms at its poles where gravity is stronger, causing its rotation and nearby objects to orbit. Variations in the progression of time are accounted for simply by the rate at which nodes orbit and exchange with one another, due to the fact that they cannot travel both linearly and rotationally at the speed of light, and that they form geodesics around an object rather than straight lines.

Cosmologies includes illustrations of Rendina’s nodal conceptions of light, gravity resulting from the energy in the ether, and sketches of what may exist within particles of matter as they relate to light and the ether. An introductory study guide is recommended and available by request.


Towards a More Complete Understanding is a collection of philosophical essays by Rendina. It is not a book about any particular subject, but rather how they are interrelated to form a more complete picture. Each essay covers a different subject area as part of a forward looking and holistic worldview. It ultimately stresses not to be concerned with structures or any particular modality of thought, but with fluidity, change, and the infinite possibilities for their manifestations in the world and life. The thought catalog contains notes for a class or workshop series integrating a music and dance or visual art and design path into all aspects of life.

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