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Principal Musical Works
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Vocal and Instrumental Songs
Over 100 Songs, All Styles
Major Arcana (To be Orchestrated)

Early Traditional Scores
Two Preludes for Piano
Gradus ad Parnassum, Canons, Two Inventions, Four Fugues
Three Piano Sonatas in Three Movements Each
Neoclassical String Quartet
Eden Symphony

Solo Piano
Music from Fountain
Music for the Sake of Making Music
Melakarta Sonatas Book I of III (Harmony Element)

Shorter Cosmic Music Pieces
Moon Phases
Music of the Spheres / Surprise Indonesia

Nontraditional Scores for World Music Ensembles
Pick a Color
Visual Octet
Text Octet

Concept Works Revisited
Six Lines for the I Ching
Music for Chess

The Elements
Constellations for Two or More Pianos (Chordophones/Melody Element)
The Awesome Sound King Thus Come One (Idiophones/Form Element)
Hours of the Day (Electrophones/Timbre Element)
Zodiac Suite (Aerophones/Dynamics Element)
Synchronicities (Membranophones/Rhythm Element)

Earth’s Year (Textural Element), Forthcoming

The Rooms, for Site-Specific Locations and Sets, including Sephirot
Hours of the Day, Paintings for Musical Interpretation, including Geodesics, Maypole Dance
Chakra Sequence (Raga Rhapsody)

Concept Works for Architectural/Outdoor Spaces
Patterns, Siren Piece, Sound-Cancellation Piece,
Miscellaneous Concepts for Pitch Spaces and Dome Installations

Concept Works for Interactive/Electronic Media
To Be Heard, Epistemology, Generative Music, Redial, Sound-Painting Sequence, Spectral Music,
Miscellaneous Concepts for Interactive Multimedia

Other Early Works
Harmonic Etude, Nature Studies, Winds, Sound Mass, Text Piece

Various Ambient/Electronic Music Recordings
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