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I perform at concert halls, nightclubs, art museums and galleries, colleges and schools, hospitals and health clinics, at religious gathering places, for government organizations, in recording and broadcast studios, in parks and nature areas, and for meditation and yoga.


I offer a unique approach to learning music that includes styles from the whole world and have a deep understanding of music from the first written to that of the present day. My approach is centered around the piano an integrates styles from the Middle East and India with the Western tradition and Jazz. I will tailor to the needs of the individual as a process of mutual respect and understanding. I am available for hour and half-hour sessions, and offer a workshop series covering a range of topics related to music and art.

Composing and Producing

I will record your live show or mix your sessions. I will transcribe your music for recording or publishing. I will arrange music and perform on your recordings, especially on keyboard instruments, electronic, and world music instruments. I will compose original scores and produce music for your film or video. Please don't hesitate to enquire with your project.

Artwork and Printing

I have a good deal of experience with preparing books and two dimensional artwork for printing, especially for record covers and other forms of merchandise. Let's have a look at what you're working on!